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Are You Afraid of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon

Disclaimer: I purchased Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Sidney Sheldon, from my Book Club quite some time ago. I do not know the author, nor have I ever had any communication with him about this book or any other subject. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensation of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.


This book, originally published and bought in 2004, surfaced while I was downsizing my library. I enjoyed many books by Mr. Sheldon’s, and decided to refresh my memory and re-read this one. This is the story of two very different women running from the antagonist who murdered their husbands (among others). The villain is determined to dispose of them as well. Extensive plot twists and high tension keeps you reading. I finished this book in one day.


The book is fast-paced, and along with an intriguing story, brings a high level of suspense and an unexpected finish. The writing shows a definite style that does not reflect many contemporary standards, but works. This is a story that piques the imagination. The author does the job of holding the reader extremely well.


I found the story dated, but fun.  The plot contrived, but still captivating. The writing, among the best I’ve ever read. I would suggest every writer read his work, if only to see how well he paints a scene with an economy of words. He builds relatable characters, and uses short flashbacks beautifully to bring the reader into the characters mind. His use of stereotypical descriptions, heroes and thugs alike, actually enhances the read. We can see the action happening and identify with all the players.


Mr. Sheldon is a master storyteller and well worth your time. Mr. Sheldon died in 2007. (Info about this great writer and his many books is on his website).