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The Blue Room

The Blue Room - Michael McKeown Disclosure: I obtained the paperback book "The Blue Room" because of a shipping error. I do not know the author nor have I ever had any communication with him about this book or any other subject. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensated of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.

Unfortunately I was unable to finish this book. The pace was very slow and the descriptions, although well detailed, did nothing to develop characters or move the story along. I found it difficult to follow and it simply did not hold my interest.

This book concentrates on characters and settings involved in the ongoing battles in Northern Ireland and could very well be enjoyed by someone perhaps more familiar with the settings, the expressions, and the passions of those involved. This book was very well written by an obviously very well-educated author.

I rated this book 2 stars because of the efficient writing and excellent editing. I would have given more had the story been able to hold my attention.