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The Eighth Circle of Hell

The Eighth Circle of Hell - Gary Dolman I purchased and read this book. Neither the author, Gary Dolman, nor any other person has requested this review. This review represents my honest opinion.

Elizabeth Wilson, the lead character, lived horrors unimaginable. The incredible details included in the story impressed me. I felt quite uncomfortable at times because of the cruel and monstrous behavior of the Friday Club, but I still couldn’t put this book down. The author does not pull punches and provides a very vivid snapshot of a regrettable part of British social history.

The characters in the book come to life and you deeply feel their emotions and fears. The investigators gave the book an interesting storyline. Their personalities and intelligence imitated Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The story flowed very well and the ending was perfect.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a truly great story. My only qualification would be the darker moments, but overall the book is quite memorable. It could fit into the Dark Fiction category as well as Historical Fiction.