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The Space Between Houses

The Space Between Houses - Christian Laforet

Disclosure: I purchased my signed copy of The Space Between Houses from the author. We are both members of the same writing group, but do not communicate outside that group. I have never had any communication with him about this book except at time of purchase. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensation of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.

This is one creepy book and I loved it. It incorporates ten short stories covering all kinds of situations that leave the reader looking over his shoulder and turning lights on. Henry, Old Wounds, and Trapped I really enjoyed, but Summer’s Friend was definitely my favorite. This writer leaves the finale to the reader and sometimes it’s frustrating, but overall this book is great fun.

I loved it and anyone who enjoys a good scare will find everything they want in this little package. This is the author’s first book and I’m waiting patiently for his next one. His style is unique and worth reading. I would recommend The Space Between Houses to any horror lover.