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The Drumbeater

The Drumbeater - Clive Allan Disclosure: I purchased a paperback copy of “The Drumbeater” in September 2014. I do not know the author nor have I ever had any communication with him about this book or any other subject. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensation of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.

This novel was very impressive as it tracked the investigation into a murder that occurred almost seventy years prior. Neil, the investigator, led us through a maze of clues and evidence, all while under time restraints, to solve the mystery of the corpse buried on a Scottish Beach. The investigation went back to World War II. The prevalent silence of the elderly residents, he found in the nearby village, all added to the intrigue of spies and secrets that finally brought him to the startling conclusion.

The author told a unique and entertaining story and did it very well. His ability to use a very difficult timeline and walk the reader smoothly through it was very professional. His historical references were well researched and that accuracy gave the book a tight validity. I did find the story would occasionally veer off into a paragraph of excessive description. These had a tendency to bog down the pace of the book. They were quite beautiful and some were even poetic, but had little to do with the plot. As I read, I found them superfluous and unnecessary, and often skimmed over them to get back to the story.

The book provided the psychological details, and intelligent analysis of a good murder mystery. I really enjoyed this book and found it difficult to put down. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read. I am looking forward to the author’s next book.