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Demon Stones

Demon Stones - Michael Drakich

Disclosure: I purchased Demon Stones at the Book Expo in November 2014. I do not know the author personally and have had limited communication with him about this book. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensation of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.

This story involves a young farmer named Gar, who inadvertently releases one demon from its stone prison. Pride and immaturity drive the boy to continue to find and open stones until he has a menagerie of demons working with him in the war torn realms of his homeland. The weaving of horror, war, greed, honor, magic, and loyalty thread through the book, and take the reader on an inspired and sometimes sad journey.

The book has several plots that all converge. The pace and separation of the story lines is really well done. The character development (including the demons) is clean and intimate. I found myself becoming quite involved with the feelings and emotions of the characters - even the demons. Although this is speculative fiction, the story is almost believable as the author pulls you in to the conflicts and triumphs.

Demons Stones is the 3rd book I’ve read by this author and I find his stories getting better and better. His ability to enthrall readers keeps me coming back. I enjoyed this read very much and would recommend it to anyone who loves a great story.