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The Pendle Curse

The Pendle Curse - Catherine Cavendish Disclosure: I purchased the book “The Pendle Curse” from Amazon. I don’t know the author personally. Neither the author nor the publisher has requested this review. The comments that follow are my own personal and honest opinion. I received NO compensated of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.

I bought this book as part of my personal attempt to update my familiarity with horror in general and read the new authors in that genre. I have been an avid reader, but of only the older established authors. I was concerned I may have a hard time reviewing new authors and would unconsciously compare them to the masters. This book however opened up a new type of horror novel for me and I was quite impressed with the approach and the depth.

I enjoyed this read very much. The modern day characters were well developed and believable. The 400 yr old saga was well researched and offered up some very interesting characters as well. The story was unique and interesting in many ways and the author told it well. The writing was excellent and the plot followed a logical progression.

There were some minor concerns with the pacing. The author tried to tell both stories (modern day and back story) in alternate chapters and POVs. I found that format a bit off for my taste. The lead in to the next chapter always seemed interrupted and the flow was off. As the author approached the end of the book, she built suspense beautifully and put me on the edge of my seat. The background story inserted at this point jolted me out.

The hanging of the witches seemed anti-climatic. Breaking the tension and pace to relate these details at this point didn’t work for me. I recovered some of the feeling of suspense and foreboding, but by then the story was over. I felt like the book ended very abruptly, but the author may have intended that.

This book does not contain the heavy blood and gore of many horror novels. Personally, I find that a plus. It has the psychological terror, I prefer. I’ve read too much and very little actually frightens me at this point. This book touches on dreams, possession, witches, magic, and death. The characters also engage in a bit of romance and the history is well researched and interesting.

This is a great story and well written. I would recommend it to anyone.