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KSHM Project Presents: Elusive Realities

KSHM Project Presents: Elusive Realities - Henry Martin Disclosure: I purchased “Elusive Realities” Stories with accompanying photos by the KSHM Project. I do not know the author, Henry Martin, personally but have had encounters with him on the Goodreads site. I have never had any contact with the photographer, Karl Strand. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensated of any kind, or from any one, to provide this review.

The photo titled “Eluding Reality” was quite impressive and the accompanying write up taken from a book I have read, by Henry Miller. They work well together.

The next photo entitled “Light” was of a scene I have seen numerous times before. It has been printed in many different colors and textures, but in this case, the short story made it a unique piece of artistry. It was written in second person and reflected the “grass is greener” philosophy to the extreme. A unique story and take on the idea addressed directly to the reader.

The next photo “The Clown Next Door” definitely tests the boundaries of reality, and even sanity. It left me with an odd chill. Not a favorite of mine.

The last photo “Bus Stop” was an excellent piece of photography and with the accompanying notes became a statement of the human condition, displaying loneliness despite the crowded cities.

These short projects are well done, but I was expecting a but more hopeful theme given the title of this particular project.