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Nightmare in Greasepaint

Nightmare in Greasepaint - L.L. Soares, G. Daniel Gunn Disclosure: I purchased the e-book “Nightmare in Greasepaint” from Amazon. I don’t know the authors personally. This novella is one of four novellas included in an anthology to be released later this year by my publisher. To ensure full disclosure, my own novella is also being included in this anthology.

The comments that follow are my own personal and honest opinion. Neither the author nor the publisher has requested this review. I’m writing this review at my own discretion. I have NOT received compensation of any kind, or from any one. I also have NOT received a free copy from any source, or done a review swap of any kind with the authors.

I finished reading this e-book in two passes. The first half I found a bit slow and left off about half way through. I finished reading the last half and it was not slow – rather it left me nearly breathless. The pace for the last third of the book was almost too much and I had to re-read a couple sections to keep track of the action.

It’s wonderful when an author can pull a reader along at that pace. For true horror lovers, the tension and suspense of multiple near death experiences, steeped in disgust and blood meets the guidelines for a great horror novella. The characters were well developed and the dark secret behind it all well explained. Various parts of this story seemed to echo other familiar plots, but where it all ended was unique and unexpected.

The only down side was the pace in the first half of the novella. It bogged down with the excessive description. There was a tendency though out the novella to add extensive but unnecessary detail.

Overall this novella is a keeper and I will probably read it again. It has everything needed for a successful horror read.